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RAW agents arrested involved in Lahore blast

Lahore’s Johar Town bomb blast was carried out by a RAW Agent intelligence network. A blast occurred last year in June 2021 near the residence of Hafiz Saeed in which three people lost their lives as a result of the blast.

The Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan, who was addressing a press conference earlier today in Islamabad, announced that the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Punjab had arrested the individual responsible for the attack and the facilitators of the attack.

RAW agents arrested involved in Lahore blas

Balochistan is the location where the main accused, Sami-ul-Haq, was nabbed by intelligence agencies. During the investigation, he confessed to carrying out the bombing on RAW’s orders.

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Sami revealed that RAW sent him $800,000 and wanted him to kill Hafiz Saeed. However, he wasn’t able to take the explosive-laden car to Hafiz Saeed’s residence due to tight security. Resultantly, he abandoned the car at a convenient location and set it off.

RAW agents arrested involved in Lahore blast

The Minister slammed India for funding terrorism in Pakistan while raising a hue and cry on every international forum that Pakistan is behind terrorist activities in India.

He vowed to expose India at the next meeting of the United Nations (UN), stating that Pakistan’s law enforcement authorities and civilians lost their lives due to terrorism.


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