There has been some news coming in from Razer that the company has recently laid off several employees that work in the company’s mobile division. With that said, the company has also revealed that it reassigned some of the workers to other projects – with all such projects occurring within the company.

“We see great opportunities in the mobile gaming space that we created with the Razer phone and will continue to invest in this category through a combination of hardware and software initiative,”stated the company.

We are working on new exciting mobile projects and will share the news when we are ready. The Razer Phone 2 will continue to be on sale and we are committed to supporting it with the latest updates and features.” The company noted further.

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From these statements coming in from the company, it is quite intriguing to see the company commenting on its desire to invest in hardware and new mobile projects. Such statements certainly don’t mean we’ll see a new Razer phone soon, however, what such statements do indicate is that the company isn’t looking to abandon the mobile sector just yet.

And talking about the Razer phone 3, it seems for all the world now that the phone is cancelled. However, nothing yet is still confirmed. Razer released a statement in which the company stated that it laid off around 30 employees, which amounts to around 2 percent of the company’s workforce, and also that the company shut down several projects. And so with regards to the future of the Razer phone 3, it seems like pretty much everyone has their interpretation of how the situation will pan out at the end.

The first and original Razer phone received a huge number of plaudits, however, one of the criticisms that the phone came with was the weak camera it had at its disposal. The Razer Phone 2 did better on the camera side of things, and was indeed subject to much better reviews than that of its predecessor.

Razer phone 3 cancelled?

There does seems to be chaos within the mobile sector of Razer, however, we also learned just today that the Razer phone 2 will be getting the Android 9 Pie update – so while things do look bad, maybe they aren’t as bad as one would imagine.


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