Realme 5 price tag confirmed

Realme 5 price tag confirmed
Realme 5 price tag confirmed

There is now a bunch of information that seems to be pouring with regards to Realme’s upcoming device : the Realme 5. The Realme 5 will feature with its pro version – with both the devices making their debuts on the 20th of August. Recently enough, an official tweet has gone on to confirm the presence of a quad-camera setup that will feature. Amongst the sensors, a 48MP sensor will be the main camera.

While there has been quite a bunch of information revealed in the recent days, one thing that we did not actually known before was what the price of the Realme 5 would be. Now though, this too has changed – as Realme India’s CEO has now effectively confirmed the price range of the company’s upcoming phone – with the announcement coming in today. The indication is that the Realme 5 will become the world’s first quad-camera smartphone in and around a price tag of $140. The statement was that it would become the first ever device under INR10,000 – this being roughly equivalent to $140. If this does turn out to be the case, then Realme would be following the pricing strategy that we saw with the Realme 4, as it too came with a price tag of INR9,999.

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And while the price is quite similar to its predecessor, there are some key upgrades which may prompt users of the Realme 4 to think about upgrading – or even perhaps bring in a new pool of customers. Of course amongst the main selling points for the device would have to be its quad camera setup – that too offered in such a cheap price. Not only this, but the phone will also possess a very powerful Qualcomm chipset to make sure that performance goes side by side with all the fancy specs at hand. It is suggested that the phone will possess the Snapdragon 665 SoC.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 also possesses a Snapdragon 665 chipset. So the Realme 5 will not be the only phone present on the market to offer Qualcomm’s processor.


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