Realme confirms 5G phone is on its way

Realme confirms 5G phone is on its way
Realme confirms 5G phone is on its way

Qualcomm surprised many at IFA 2019 when it announced that it is bringing 5G to the Snapdragon 600, 700 as well as Snapdragon 800 series processors. Realme confirms 5G phone is on its way.

Such an announcement by the company meant that cheap 5G enabled phones weren’t too far away from becoming a reality and for now it seems, Realme is looking to be amongst the first manufacturers to entertain the market with cheap 5G enabled devices. The company has most recently announced that it will indeed offer a new Snapdragon 700 series 5G chipset device.

The company has further commented by saying that the device will offer support for “all key regions and network bands.”

The Chinese manufacturer also talked a bit about the processor. Not only was it confirmed that the 5G enabled device in question will feature with a Snapdragon 700 series processor, but details over the processor were also noted. The company stated that the chipset will be manufactured on a 7nm process and will offer Qualcomm’s next-gen AI engine while also delivering Snapdragon Elite Gaming features.

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With these details in mind, one would have to draw comparisons with the Snapdragon 730 series – as the details which have been talked about by the company are quite similar to the 730 series. However, the Snapdragon 730 series does actually differ to a certain extent as it offers a larger 8nm process, but at the end of the day, it too offers AI Engine and Snapdragon Elite Gaming features. The gaming aspect includes tech that will reduce in-game shutter, while it also includes HDR gaming support and so it is of high probability that we’ll see these features in the 5G chipset as well.

Realme has also revealed that the company plans on to offer a device that will come with the Snapdragon 855 Plus processor –however, no additional details have been made available.

We already know that the Realme XT is on its way before the year comes to a halt, and it’s all but possible that the Snapdragon 855 Plus phone by Realme too will arrive before 2019 finishes. Of course, what would be the point of launching a Snapdragon 855 Plus device next year when there will be a new flagship-esque chipset?


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