Realme have officially made their entry in to the Chinese Market

Realme have officially made their entry in to the Chinese Market
Realme have officially made their entry in to the Chinese Market

So Realme mad its debut as the sub-brand sub-brand of Oppo and this debut was marked last year soon after which the company started working alone as management is looking to turn this brand in to something extraordinary. Now at initial stages it was revealed that company was launched with a specific objective of targeting low-price and middle-range markets of India and well Pakistan, However the company are looking to expand their operations in other countries and regions as well.

In a recent report we got to know about the company’s plan to enter the market of their home country and well as of today, it has officially been announced that the company will start producing for consumers in China. While making the announcement, the company’s executive said that this brand will offer a very unique and innovative experience at the same price point and that the company will aiming to get youths interested in there many products.


It should also be noted that as it stands China is the world’s largest smartphone market and the company will definitely benefit from a presence in the home country. Realme is also expected to enter the Middle East and the Europen market by the end of this year.Currently, the Realme brand have a presence(retail) in seven countries which include the nations of India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, and the Philippines. Now, two more countries are added in the list China and Taiwan.

The company has aimed at producing some good phones at a very low price and it is for that reason that the company has managed to earn them selves amazing success in the Indian market. In just about one year of its launch, the company has grabbed 8 percent of the smartphone market share in that country which is a big achievement.However, the company has not yet launched any smartphone in China. It’s likely that the Realme 3 Pro could be the very first smartphones which will be made available in China, this phone was officially launched in India earlier in the week.


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