Realme laptops?

Realme laptops
Realme laptops

A rather large number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers have actually expanded their portfolio so as to include computers. The group which includes the likes of Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi and also Redmi is about to get even bigger with the latest addition of Realme. 

Realme happens to be one of the youngest phone brands all across the industry however, the company decided to expand its portfolio of products only last year so as to include lifestyle products, smart TVs, and AIoT products too. It has now actually been reported that the company will also look to make its mark on the laptop business and we may even end up seeing the first models arriving by the middle of this particular year.

The info comes from a rather popular leaker who has gone on to suggest that Realme laptops are likely to make their way into the market as early as June of this year. If indeed this turns out to be true, then we have to wait about five months.

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Realme laptops will go head to head with its biggest rival in Redmi/Xiaomi and hence there is the expectation that the laptops will be priced competitively and hence will be rather affordable. For now, we do not exactly know which markets will be on the receiving end of such laptops, but one would have to imagine that the Chinese market along with some other markets from the subcontinent will go on and make the cut.

All in all though, the Realme laptops will most likely be made by an ODM considering the fact that none of the company’s sister/parent companies are engaged in the process of producing laptops and hence it can’t exactly leverage their production lines. Nonetheless, the laptops should run Windows 10 and should be powered by Intel and or AMF processors. One would have to imagine that they will be available in multiple RAM and storage configurations.


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