realme – The Youth’s Favorite Smartphone Brand That Is Making Waves In The Local Mobile Industry

realme – The Youth’s Favorite Smartphone Brand That Is Making Waves In The Local Mobile Industry
realme – The Youth’s Favorite Smartphone Brand That Is Making Waves In The Local Mobile Industry

In just 2 year’s its entry in the mobile market, realme has generated plenty of excitement in the marketplace. The brand’s tremendous success as global ranked Top 7 has catapulted it to being one of the leading smartphone brands available.

Realizing that there is a need to focus on the youth market segment and to better meet their rapidly changing needs, with dare to leap philosophy Sky li collaborated with a group of energetic, passionate and efficient young people, to form realme, an independent brand, with the common goal of wanting the power of the youth to be seen by the world.

realmemergestrendsetting technology& trendsetting design with it’s Dare-to-Leap philosophy, becoming the benchmark for performance and design at various price ranges and bringing more Dare-to-Leap experience to young consumers; on the other hand, realme leverages light assets, mainly e-commerce, short channel mode, which allows more profits given to consumers, thus more young people can enjoy the quality life brought by technology and design.

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As per Counterpoint, realme has become the Global TOP 07 Smartphone Brand at Q1, 2020. And its registered users had reached 30 million globally, making itself the most rapidly growing brand. 

Realme has expanded globally to over 20 markets, such as China, India, Southeast Asia, Europe, Russia, Pakistan and Africa including Egypt.

Pakistani realme fans have been given a taste of fast paced innovation by the brand through various features like the new technology of a superior VOOC charger, 90Hz display , 64MP Quad cameras or an extremely powerful processor that plays free fire in its price range for the first time beating every other competitor. They have continuously taken a leap forward in both design and performance but the golden egg is still keeping the price affordable for the youth.

However, realme has ambitions for tech that extend far beyond the smartphone — making it a company other connectivity and tech players should keep on their radars. realme recently disclosed that its corporate strategy for 2020 will center on “smartphone + AIoT.”

realme plans to build out its business around three usage categories — wearables, Audio, and Home — and will release excitingAIoT (that is, AI-enabled IoT) products in 2020. For example, Realme plans to launch its own wearable that would include smartwatches and fitness band; it’s also developing a line of home devices such as smart TVs, smart speakers, soundbars, and connected home appliances.

Given the rapid uptake of its smartphones, consumer interest will likely translate to its upcoming product lines, as long as Realme continues to strategically balance cost and quality.

Leaping to the stars with realme x3 superzoom coming soon to Pakistan which has whooping 60x zoom camera, snapdragon 855+ and star mode realme’s flagship model is poised to disrupt the Pakistani mobile market.


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