Realme, the Xiaomi sub-brand has established itself as the mid-tier king in the past few years and Xiaomi making a sub-brand so that both brands could focus on different aspects of the smartphone market has been a smart move which has been adopted by a lot of companies. This allows the main company to focus on producing high quality smartphones on a budget which challenge flagship level phones. The sub-brand is then assigned the task of making sure that they keep the people looking for mid-tier smartphones satisfied and Realme has been doing that ever since it got the job!

However, it might be a little overstepping this time. With reports claiming that Realme has been in works for a Snapdragon 855 PLUS smartphone being confirmed by Chief Marketing Officer on Weibo. This has got many people thinking and excited. Considering that Realme was there to assist Xiaomi in making smartphones for all markets, Realme now entering the flagship at a competitive price category can be like challenging your own parent company.

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Other than that, it would definitely be a great purchase if it were to hit markets and it will do, soon. It was previously stated by Realme that the Snapdragon 710 and 855 performed very similar in day to day tasks and that the chips weren’t all that different but the more advanced chip goes for more future proofing and that is one reason why people buy flagships. Realme could now take the market by storm with this latest initiative of producing a phone with the most high end chip to date. However, one thing to note here is that the emphasis on performance of the device is so much that companies forget that there are other aspects of the phone that they need to consider as well.


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