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Reasons why HMD global is the spiritual sucessor to Nokia

This week marked the second anniversary of the Nokia’s return to smartphone industry under HMD Global. We have so far seen some great smartphones from HMD , ranging some economical low-powered phoneso high-powered flagships. HMD should not be taken lightly after the comeback Nokia is striving to achieve and after  all, it’s not the real Nokia, right? Here is why we think that the company should be seen as a successor to the traditional Nokia!

A ton of former Nokia employees

You may not know that HMD Global consists ofb many of its previous executives all previously worked at Nokia. Whether it’s current CEO Florian Seiche (a former Nokia Europe executive) or the company’s design directors, there are many people in  HMD  with “Nokia” on their CV’s.

Moreover, a thing to surprisedus even more was the fact that the  regional PR people were employees and had previously known when they were at Nokia. Now the  presence and availability of a large number of former Nokia employees does not  guarantee any possibility of bearing fruit but it does however tell us that there are people at the company who understand why people bought Nokia phones in the first place.

Nokia design DNA

One of Nokia’s trademarks was its durable and premium designs, and HMD has certainly lived up to the expectation’s of the people. Youonly need to  look at the Nokia 8 Sirocco to see some Nokia DNA and understand the beautiful design Nokia came up with, and what they are capable of but even the firm’s low-end devices maintain the belief of making phones that look eye-catching. Once again it should not be forgotten that many senior Nokia designers work at HMD and they would have definitely played a big role for the successful designing of the mobile phones.

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The company also issued two retro reboots in the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110, and it’s tough to argue that they don’t look like something the “real” Nokia would’ve done today. (Now, about those ridiculous prices.)

The Nokia camera experience

One unique selling point for Nokia Lumia phones was that these phoneshadthe ultimate camera experience. Nokia had been  teaming up with Carl Zeiss in order to deliver better camera lenses in their upcoming phones for the many users and the firm also offered features like refocusing and cinemagraphs before most other OEMs picked up these features.Now we think that the most  influential addition in the new phones has to  be the induction of a Pro Camera mode in the Nokia Lumia phones back then. Moreover this feature  delivered manual adjustments (ISO, shutter speed) before Android supported it. It was all packaged in a very intuitive wheel-based menu.

A focus on audio recording

The  company’s phones, like the previously known Lumia 1520 and Nokia 808, were specifically designed for recording beats that was the main attraction surrounding the phone features. This had to do with the fact that,the  multiple high-quality microphones in each phone delivered solid, distortion-free sound at a time when rival phones struggled to provide  loud audio to its customers and well the  Nokia 8 shows that HMD Global has not forgotten where Nokia came from or its roots and more specifically the audio capability, featuring three microphones and the very famous Nokia OZO recording technology for the 360 degree surround sound recording. This audio setup has also landed on devices like the Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco, giving you better audio recording in theory than many rival devices.

What more could HMD do?

HMD Global has for now more or less focused on the design and the camera performance of its devices, showing the people  what made Nokia a popular and the people’s number 1 choice in the first place. But we think Nokia is just getting started as we know that the Finnish company obtained the Pure view name from Microsoft and Nokia earlier this year, suggesting more camera improvements are afoot (although Pureview was a brand name used for Nokia phones rather than a specific technology) and moreover that Nokia is trying its very best and is trying to seize any opportunity on where they could improve!

We also have to wonder when we’ll see a device truly manage to combine the best of Nokia and HMD. The Nokia 8 Sirocco demonstrated the firm’s design chops, but we thought the camera experience should’ve been better for the price. Nokia would wan to become World leader once again but this time around this is going to take a lot of work and patience and maybe we will see Nokia giving serious competition to its rivals in the near future! Till then lets just wait and see what treats HMD global have in-stored for us.


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