Recent leaks of images from the Motorola Razr 2022 suggest release to Western markets could be imminent

Recent leaks of images from the Motorola Razr 2022 suggest release to Western markets could be imminent

After the announcement of a brand new Motorola Razr 2022 earlier this month, we were in doubt as to whether the new foldable clamshell would ever be to the world outside China. Then, thanks to recent leaks of renders from @evleaks We now have proof that a global launch outside of China might be in the near future.

The promotional materials for Motorola Razr Motorola Razr that came alongside the launch last month included the content of the screens in Chinese. These renders contain a great deal of text written in English and might be destined to be posted on Motorola’s worldwide website.

Although some news outlets speculated that the possibility of a US release might be in the offing but these images do not suggest that. There’s no mention of an US service in one of the images and one image shows a screen that has WhatsApp open which is more popular in countries outside of the US. If you look close into WhatsApp’s WhatsApp chat, you will see that the chat is a reference to Portland as well as “the state” which could refer to Oregon located in the US.

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It is interesting to note that the dates and times on the screenshots all show 11:35 on April 3. Even though this happens to be my birthday (yes actually) however, April 3 does not occur on the Tuesday of my birthday until 2029. In further investigation the issue, it was discovered that Tuesday, March 3, 1973 was the day when an Motorola engineer made the initial phone calls using DynaTAC prototype for the first handheld cell phone.

In the last month, Motorola announced the 2022 Razr which boasts some notable enhancements over the previous model. It comes with a brand new OLED panel with a more robust hinge that can be closed completely and also supports HDR10+ and 144Hz refresh rates. Additionally, it has a punch-hole camera for selfies instead of a notch.

There’s a 50MP main camera sensor that comes with OIS and 13MP ultrawide. However, the main improvement is the inclusion of an Snapdragon 8+ Generation 1 chip (Motorola utilized Snapdragon 7XX series chip in earlier models). It’s a great phone. Razr 2022 is already available for purchase on China starting at CNY 5,999 (~$856). There is no other pricing on the market nor availability is confirmed by Motorola as of yet.


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