The gaming phone lineup from Nubia, more popularly known as the Nubia Red Magic gaming phone lineup, has been in the market for around a year now, with the new update being in the works. These phones are extremely popular in today’s market, havingmore than ample fan following. In recent times, we have even seen Vivo getting into this niche segment with the Chinese brand’s IQOO model.

Ni Fei, who happens to be the company’s GM spoke a bit about the Red Magic 3, and with the talk concluded the key features which the phone is set to come with. And while many of us knew what to expect from the phone even before the GM had the opportunity to speak his mind, there was still a relatively unknown factor concerning the device : the battery.

In an earlier post, Ni Fei had revealed that the device will indeed upgrade its battery capacity. And while such a statement was indicative of the fact that the battery capacity would indeed exceed that of 3800mAh, we did not expect the upgrade to be as large as 5000mAh – which is now what we’ll see from the upcoming device. Ni Fei did indeed confirm quite recently that the upcoming Red Magic 3 is set to feature with a 5000mAh+ battery. Such a move, when it finally happens, will go on to make the phone one of the largest battery gaming phones present in the market today!

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What we already knew about the device was that it will feature with the Snapdragon 855 processor, along with 12 gigs of RAM. The phone will also feature with liquid + air cooling in an attempt to ensure that the phone does not overheat, even when it’s under extreme stress. One of the most interesting and exciting aspects of the phone just might be the fact of rumors suggesting that it boasts a screen of a better refresh rate than ‘most gaming screens’ out there. There are no details regarding this at the moment, however, worth noting is the fact that the premium Razer phone featured with a stunning 120Hz screen refresh rate – so anything close to this would be truly magnificent

Other expected featured include the likes of shoulder buttons, while the 4D vibration motors are also set to make an appearance. We won’t have to wait too long either before finally meeting the Red Magic 3, as the launch for the device is set to take place sometime next month.


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