Earlier in the year, the Xiaomi’s subsidiary brand, Redmi launched its 2020 flagship which was named as the Redmi K30 Pro. In the latest news however, it is found that the company has confirmed that the Smartphone is being discontinued less than a year after its launch which is a wee bit surprising. The news came recently from the General Manager of the Redmi brand, Lu Weibing. In contrast, this news was further confirmed by the President of Xiaomi China, which affirms the company’s plan to for go this flagship to prepare for its successor. 

Its should be noted that, this isn’t the first time folks at Xiaomi are discontinuing their flagship device. Only last week, Xiaomi claimed that they are discontinuing the the Mi 10 Pro 5G, one of two flagships that Xiaomi announced in the first half of 2020. After only 8 month since launch, the Chinese giant discontinued the Mi 10 Pro 5G, so we find a similar approach being taken on the Redmi K30 Pro as well. 

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Another interesting thing that we want to bring to your attention is the fact that neither the Mi 10 Pro 5G or the Redmi K30 Pro are listed Xiaomi’s official website, rather they are listed as “Out of Stock” on Xiaomi’s official store and on other partner sites, which confirms the company’s plan to let go of these devices. Both smartphones came with pretty good features and specifications, including a large display, a big battery, Snapdragon 865, and a quad-camera setup, even after that the company didn’t let these smartphones survive for a year.

The reason behind the behind the sudden discontinuation of the device is still to be talked upon by folks at Xiaomi. However, successors for both the smartphones are about to be announced (probably later in the month). Perhaps, Xiaomi is simply making way for upcoming smartphones, even though we have never seen this happen before. Nevertheless, more details about the decision will be revealed as we move forward, so stay tuned. 


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