Redmi Vice President confirms K30 smartphone

Redmi Vice President confirms K30 smartphone
Redmi Vice President confirms K30 smartphone

So as we approach the era of 5G connectivity more and more brands are coming forward with there 5G ready devices and Xiaomi is not holding back, they are looking to dominate the market through this new innovation and after rumors of Xiaomi phones, now comes the way for its Sub-brand, Redmi. Moreover, the company have expressed there desire to put a 5G modem in the Redmi K20’s successor, the Redmi K30. It should be remembered that the Redmi K20 Pro was very well-received for its flagship-grade specifications and affordable price tag. Since the release of that phone, a successor for this particular device was heavily requested and speculated by the fans and honestly, after the sales of the K20, K30 was always on the books.

Furthermore,we can finally be confident enough to say that,this phone is all ready to bring about there new creation. The device has finally been confirmed to arrive in 2020 by the Vice President of Redmi himself. Lu Weibing shared the news on Weibo as a hint while talking about the China Mobile Worldwide Partner Conference

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The rough translation from Chinese is as “2020, Redmi 5G is a pioneer. K30 see!”The chart posted by Lu Weibinghave given us details about the devices Redmi has launched to compete against rivals over time.

The Redmi K30 will reportedly again power from the mid-range Snapdragon 7250 SoC which will enable 5G for cheap. The device is also speculated to feature dual punch-hole selfie cameras like the Galaxy S10. The phone has also made an appearance on the MIIT certification website earlier, confirming the 5G support. This is about the extent of speculated details available on the K30. More details will surface as 2020 draws near.


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