RED’s next holographic display phone is a real and Jaw-dropping deal. High-end professional grade camera maker RED has announced the world’s first holographic display phone – Hydrogen One – just a few weeks ago. Skeptics have pointed out that the project sounded ambitious, kind of like somewhat out of a Kickstarter campaign.

RED founder Jim Jannard said that the technology is unlike anything right now in the market for smartphones.

First Look

RED showed off 3 different Hydrogen One prototypes to Youtuber MKBHD, to dispel skepticism and any kind of other rumors surrounding the device.

RED showed off 3 prototypes for the Hydrogen One ( just two of them can be watched in the video). The first “fit-and-finish” prototype is to present the final look of the phone and one can estimate that how RED envisions the release version to look like. This version didn’t have a working holographic 3D display.

It looks a lot similar to the render teased by RED previous month:

The “Fit-and-Finish” Prototype:

The top and bottom of the device (from the back only) feature Kevlar for better antenna reception sans compromising on ruggedness. It’s middle features the RED logo, which looks really unique.

Dual camera setup is not shown at the top so, to Consider that RED is going all out on this phone, dual cameras make a sense.

The device, at the bottom (on the back),  has contact pins, that’s quite similar to the ones on the Moto Z series. While on the sides you have “hills and valleys” or notches to help your grip and add another unique element to its design. Hydrogen also features a flat power button on the right side doubling up as a fingerprint sensor, that is similar to Sony’s setup. However, the volume buttons are on the side being separated by the “hill”.

 3.5 mm headphone jack and the USB type C port at the bottom, while on the front you have the 5.5″ display with stereo speakers.

A fully functional prototype of the Hydrogen One will be launched in thirty to forty-five days.


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