A strategic move to address the escalating fuel costs and embrace sustainable alternatives, Regal Motors, a prominent player in the automotive industry, is gearing up to introduce the locally assembled SERES 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) in Pakistan.

II. The Rising Wave of Electric Cars

A. Shifting Focus

  1. The Current Scenario: A reflection on how both auto manufacturers and consumers are diverting their attention to electric cars amid soaring fuel prices.
  2. Regal Motors‘ Vision: Exploring the company’s commitment to contributing to the green revolution with the launch of electric vehicles.

III. The SERES 3 Electric Vehicle

A. CKD and CBU Units

  1. Two Variants, Different Paths: Unveiling the plan to release Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and Completely Built Up (CBU) units of the SERES 3.
  2. Price Dynamics: Discussing the distinct price tags for the CBU and CKD variants.

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B. Pricing and Booking

  1. CBU Pricing Details: Delving into the cost of the CBU unit, set at Rs. 11,799,000, with insights into the booking process and timeframe.
  2. Affordable CKD Option: Shedding light on the locally assembled SERES 3 priced at Rs. 9,599,000, its booking particulars, and expected delivery schedule.

IV. Experiencing the SERES 3

A. Test Drives and Impressions

  1. Behind the Wheel: Narrating firsthand experiences of individuals who test-drove the SERES 3.
  2. Economic, Soundless, Environmentally Friendly: Unpacking the descriptions of the EV as more economical, soundless, and eco-friendly, coupled with the thrill of instant torque.

B. Performance Metrics

  1. Swift Acceleration: Highlighting the EV’s remarkable acceleration, reaching 100 km/h from a standstill in just 9 seconds.
  2. Impressive Range: Detailing the promised 400 km range under ideal conditions, powered by a fully charged 50 kWh battery.

V. Practicality in Daily Life

A. Charging Convenience

  1. Home Charging Advantages: Emphasizing the convenience of charging at home, eliminating the need for frequent visits to charging stations.
  2. Personal Testimony: Sharing a test driver’s experience of fully charging the SERES 3 overnight from 30%.

VI. Launch Expectations

  1. Uncertain Timelines: Examining the uncertainty surrounding the official launch date, with earlier projections suggesting a mid-October release.


In conclusion, Regal Motors’ endeavor to introduce the SERES 3 Electric Vehicle marks a significant leap towards sustainability in Pakistan’s automotive landscape. As the nation braces for a paradigm shift in transportation, the SERES 3 emerges as an affordable, eco-friendly option with impressive performance metrics.


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