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Reham Khan receives defamation notices from Ijaz-ur-Rehman & 11 others

Reham Khan receives defamation notices from Ijaz-ur-Rehman & 11 others. Following Reham Khan’s leaked manuscript of her purported autobiography ‘Reham Khan’ which contains a “litany of malicious, false, incorrect, highly misleading, callous, wanton, tortious, prejudicial, damaging, libellous and defamatory imputations”,  defamation notices have been sent to ex – wife of Imran Khan by her former husband Ijazur Rehman, former cricketer Wasim Akram, Imran’s close aide Zulfi Bukhari, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa outgoing chief minister Parvez Khattak, PTI’s Hamza Ali Abbasi, Asad Umar, Murad Saeed, Anila Khawaja and four others.

 The notice sent by a law firm representing 12 petitioners reads that “our clients will be seeking full redress through the courts for the serious damage and harm” the book is expected to inflict on them.

Reham Khan received the notice in UK and has bee  asked for a detailed answer within 14 days. Besides stating her sources, she is said to be dismissed of the notice if she removes malicious content from her upcoming book which has become a source of controversy in both the mainstream and social media.

Reham’s autobiography has levelled serious allegations against the aforementioned personalities and it revolve around her marriage to PTI chief Imran Khan, which ended in a divorce only 15 months later.

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The manuscript of her book urging several PTI leaders to Tweet to accuse her of being part of an “agenda” before the upcoming general election, was leaked online.

Previously, Reham claimed that her former husband Imran Khan didn’t fulfil requirements of Article 62 and 63 as he kept hidden their marriage for 2 months.She also denied an earlier allegation by Fawad Chaudhry of having met Maryam Nawaz, daughter of  Imran Khan’s political rival Nawaz Sharif.

She has also refuted allegations of receiving money from Shehbaz Sharif saying, “The accusation of receiving money from Shehbaz is incorrect, I never met him or Maryam,”.

Alongside requesting Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar to take notice of the issue, Reham stated “I cannot understand why PTI is apprehensive about my book,”.

She not only criticised Imran over the recent nominations of candidates for caretaker chief minister for Punjab, (for which the party has come under fire after it withdrew the name of its proposed candidate Nasir Khosa), but also questioned allegations of writing the book on a hidden agenda.

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