Report: WhatsApp isn’t as safe as you think

Report: WhatsApp isn't as safe as you think
Report: WhatsApp isn't as safe as you think

A new study from Mobile Security Framework (MobSF) shows WhatsApp is far from being as secure as it claims, despite end-to-end encryption and privacy features.

The MobSF is a highly automated and all-in-one mobile application (Android, iOS, Windows) that can be used for pen-testing, malware analysis, and security assessment. It is capable of performing static and dynamic analysis of mobile applications. With a score of 39 out of 100 from the Centre for Applied Security Analysis’ latest report on WhatsApp, the company has ranked Meta’s chatting app as a high-risk platform and given it a C grade for security.

In the analysis, 25 issues were identified as high-risk and 94 issues were identified as medium-risk. Almost all of these issues were caused by WhatsApp’s permission requirements and the amount of data that can be accessed from your phone as part of the WhatsApp app.

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This messaging app has the ability to read both your coarse location and your GPS location, which, according to the report, could be used by malicious apps to determine where you are as well as draining your battery power.

In addition to reading your phone’s status and identity, it is also capable of receiving and processing SMS messages, as well as showing system-level alerts, which makes it possible for malicious apps to take over the whole screen.

In the list of permissions, there is a very long list of permissions that are very risky, such as the ability to collect your entire camera roll or read the external storage on your phone.

In addition, according to the report, the app’s launch mode activity should not be set to “singleTask/singleInstance” because it allows other apps to read the app’s intent, which would lead to sensitive data being compromised.


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