Restrictions from the lockdown to further be loosened in the coming days

Restrictions from the lockdown to further be loosened in the coming days
Restrictions from the lockdown to further be loosened in the coming days

The Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan  announced on Thursday that the ongoing  nationwide lockdown shall be eased further with more and more industries and businesses being given the allowance to continue operations under necessary SOPs.

The decision is set to take place given the current situation of Pakistan which is still under more control than nations such as the UK or US. Another aspect to note here is that Pakistan is still a developing country and relies heavily on business activity. The PM gave examples of Iran and Egypt that too had chosen to reopen economy while keeping public gatherings restricted, in a bid to keep there economy stable. Khan later shared that he had discussed the virus measures with Iranian and Egyptian leaderships while exchanging data and information for more informed decisions.

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In addition to this he also shared Pakistan’s virus statistics which are much similar to Egypt’s which also had chosen to not let people die from starvation by opening all businesses and another factor which is probably taken in to account is that of unemployment. PM Imran stated that since no one knows how long the virus is going to last, it’s very important that citizens should continue to maintain social distancing and follow preventive measures to keep the pandemic under control and to not play a part in speeding up its growth by indulging in public gatherings.

“The outbreak can go further for six months or a year, or its spike can hit again,” he feared, urging people to show responsibility during these testing times.Saying that he was aware of the miseries that the poor laborers and daily-wagers were going through amid the lockdown, Imran Khan informed that his government will announce a new program for them on Saturday.“Under the program, for every 1 rupee donated to the PM corona fund, the government will add 4 rupees,” he elaborated. (as reported by ProPakistani)


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