See the results of the poll created by Xiaomi and OnePlus on Twitter to discover which OS user prefer. Nowadays, Twitter is flooded with polls of smartphone manufacturers who are in urge of finding out “which OS users prefer most?  As, Chinese rival OnePlus also jumped on the boat with its own poll, after Xiaomi’s poll disaster on Twitter, in order to find out which OS users prefer.

The poll was being carried out by Szymon Kopec, the product manager at OnePlus. There were two options in the poll, Oxygen OS and Pure Android.

On the other hand, at one point of the poll, users were in favor of Oxygen OS over Android. At that point, co-founder of OnePlus Carl Pei tweeted out “Don’t delete this poll”.

To some extent this could have been to avoid a Xiaomi-like situation and partially because to the idea that Oxygen OS would take-over Pure Android in the poll.

Unfortunately, for OnePlus, at the very end we saw that, while in the case of the Xiaomi poll, Pure Android snatched one more victory with 58% out of the 10,349 voters voting for it.

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Well, we admired OnePlus for taking the noble route probably first time in its life.As the company posted the results, and Szymon Kopec said that all the negative reviews got on Oxygen OS would help OnePlus advance and perk up the product for their customers.

Another poll created by a tech blog site indicates that pure Android is still the people’s choice of OS. At least users are clear about their choice and they have declared their own open preference. Now all users are demanding pure Android smartphones from smartphone manufactures.

People are still twitting to Xiaomi and OnePlus that they want more pure Android smartphones.


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