Here are a list and a brief note on 5 top games, which have excited gamers these days.

1- What if?

What if you could know what most of the world thinks? What if is a simple game to what you answer simply yes or no. The questions are personal, challenging and crazy, and you can know if other people think as same as you, or not.

2- Dumb ways to die

This is a very fun and addictive game. You die in weird ways, maybe your hair is one fire, maybe your kidneys are bleeding out, you just have to save yourself and complete the round. These creative games have much more than just one way to dying.

3- Alto’s Adventure

Join Alto as they travel across the snowy hills of alpine. In your adventure, save llamas, and make new friends as well. The gameplay is physics based, meaning that it is not only fun but also realistic. You can also challenge your friends, and compete for best high scores.

4- Missiles!

The simple question that is associated with this game is, can you avoid them all? Steer your plane, avoiding missiles in the way. Control your plane with a joystick, or the whole screen, or maybe with buttons, however, the simple task remains, you have to avoid obstacles!

5- 50 50 – Addictive Slicing Game

When playing this simple yet very addictive game, you have only one task to achieve, cut shapes in a 50 50 ratio. Sounds pretty easy but you’d be surprised to know that it isn’t as easy as it seems. Different and unique shapes make the game very fun and challenging.


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