Revised price of the Mate 10 Lite. We all know it – there are major concerns with regards to the way the dollar is going up against the Rupee. This is having an impact on all the spheres of the economy of Pakistan, no less the smartphone sales, as we are seeing prices of smartphones go up everyday now as it seems.

Huawei has become a very prominent company, not only in the Chinese and Pakistani market, but on a global scale factor, as the company provides its services in more than 170 countries, and with this factor involved, the company is ranked third in the world, as far as the mobile phone shipments are concerned. And now, due to the dollar exchange rate changed, like I mentioned above, the prices of the phones from the Chinese company have been revised, effective from the 19th of July, 2018. Now, just recently, the price of Huawei’s Mate 10 Lite has also been revised, with the new price brining the element of surprise for many of the people that were looking forward to buy the phone.

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I mentioned earlier that many have been surprised over the revised price of the phone – this is because of the fact that the price has actually been reduced, effective 23rd of October, 2018.

With the latest price of the phone in mind, there has been a significant reduction, while many were expecting a significant increase in the amount. Effective 23rd of October, the price of the phone has gone down all the way to 24,999, all the way from PKR 31,499.


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