Home Business Revolutionizing Mango Export: Pakistani Mangoes to Make Land Route Debut in China

Revolutionizing Mango Export: Pakistani Mangoes to Make Land Route Debut in China

Revolutionizing Mango Export: Pakistani Mangoes to Make Land Route Debut in China
Revolutionizing Mango Export: Pakistani Mangoes to Make Land Route Debut in China

In a groundbreaking move, Pakistani mangoes are set to embark on a historic journey to Xinjiang, China, via a land route. Spearheading this initiative is Sadequain Shipping Line, a leading logistics company based in Karachi. Having previously triumphed in shipping seafood from Karachi to Kashgar by land, the company now aims to capitalize on its success and export the finest Pakistani mangoes to the Chinese market.

Opening New Doors: Multan to Tashkurgan via the Karakoram Highway

Originating from Multan, a renowned hub of mango production, these luscious fruits will commence their voyage to Tashkurgan through the famed Karakoram Highway. This route not only promises a direct connection but also showcases the natural splendor of the region, offering picturesque views along the way. Once reaching Tashkurgan, the mangoes will be promptly dispatched to various cities within Xinjiang.

Ensuring Optimal Quality: Temperature-Controlled Transportation

To ensure the utmost freshness and quality of the mangoes, refrigerated containers will be employed throughout the transportation process. These containers are designed to maintain a carefully controlled environment, ensuring temperatures range between -20 to 25 degrees Celsius. By meticulously preserving the perfect conditions for the mangoes, Sadequain Shipping Line guarantees that the fruits will arrive in Xinjiang in impeccable form, ready to be relished by Chinese consumers.

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The Journey Ahead: Duration and Prospects

The anticipated journey from Multan to Tashkurgan is estimated to span approximately six days. This duration encompasses the necessary customs clearance procedures at both Sost and Tashkurgan, which are crucial checkpoints for international trade. Additionally, alongside the mangoes, cherries from Gilgit-Baltistan are also anticipated to be exported to Xinjiang, further diversifying the range of exquisite fruits available to Chinese consumers.

Expanding Horizons: Sadequain Shipping Line’s Future Plans

Sadequain Shipping Line is not content with merely conquering Xinjiang. Fueled by their ambition and success, the company envisions expanding its operations to other parts of China, with a particular focus on Guangzhou and Shenzhen. CEO Tayyab Khan, the driving force behind this transformative endeavor, is scheduled to visit China next week to engage in discussions with potential partners regarding the establishment of this new and prosperous trade route.

Unlocking the Potential: Strengthening Economic Ties

This pioneering development holds immense significance for the trade relations between Pakistan and China. By introducing a new mode of transportation for Pakistani mangoes, Sadequain Shipping Line not only elevates the export capabilities of Pakistan but also paves the way for stronger economic ties between the two nations. This milestone venture will undoubtedly foster new business opportunities, foster bilateral cooperation, and contribute to the sustained growth of both economies.

In conclusion, the transportation of Pakistani mangoes to Xinjiang, China via a land route marks a significant breakthrough in the realm of trade and logistics. Through their meticulous planning, employment of refrigerated containers, and ambition to expand to other parts of China, Sadequain Shipping Line showcases the untapped potential and excellence of Pakistani produce. As these vibrant mangoes journey to China, they symbolize the blossoming partnership between Pakistan and China, promising a fruitful future for both nations.


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