The season of Christmas is well here, and many are anticipating going to vacation in the very first trip since the restrictions on pandemics were lifted. Alongside packing your sunscreen as well as local travel guides and passports, it’s important to know the basics of the concept of mobile roaming.

What is mobile roaming?

The term “mobile roaming” refers to how you use your smartphone and data when you travel abroad.

Understanding the importance of mobile roaming as using your phone or data from abroad for calls or to surf the internet , or make changes to your social media accounts could result in unanticipated phone bills.

What is the cost of the cost of mobile phone roaming?

The cost of roaming on mobile phones will vary greatly based the country you originate from and your destination. In certain cases roaming on mobiles is free of extra cost between countries such as within the EU for instance.

Are there any changes in mobile roaming?

If you’re an UK resident, important changes have been made regarding mobile roaming and you should know about.

Due to the Brexit vote As of Jan 2021 UK cell phone owners do not automatically get free roaming within the EU under EU law. Since then, the majority of major companies have either introduced charges for roaming, or announced that roaming fees will be reinstated, or promised to provide free roaming to their customers.

  • Tips on UK customers Make sure you check your roaming allowances with your network provider prior to taking a trip.

How do you avoid costs for roaming overseas?

The easiest method of avoiding roaming charges is to do not use your mobile – but that’s not practical. Here are some other efficient ways to save yourself from a huge data bill after you return home.

Check to see if your network provides a roaming extension: If your network does not offer free roaming, the majority permit you to buy add-on plans to use abroad.

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You might want to consider purchasing an local SIM for keeping the cost of calling and text messages at a minimum it’s an excellent idea to purchase an nearby SIM card and then top it up with credit card that you pay as you go. Alternatively,

Make sure your phone is equipped with an electronic SIM. ESIMS are a type of online SIM card that lets you switch providers online and make it more convenient to avoid roaming fees.

Verify that your destination is subject to EU regulations It could be a surprise to you which countries don’t have to abide by EU usage limits. Turkey, Northern Cyprus and Egypt are three well-known destinations outside the EU. The charges in Switzerland can vary as well according to a network-to-network basis.

Think about Swytch: Swytch is an online phone service that allows you to lease a second UK number to call your phone for a nominal cost. That means while you’re away, you’ll receive text messages and calls to this number from your phone and don’t be charged for calls you receive.


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