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Role of Mentors in our Life

Role of Mentors in our Life. Being the best version of yourself, taking risks and being not afraid to strive for success. Ever thought of how the special one inspired, motivated and encouraged you to enhance these character traits. Not confined to character traits, these special ones most commonly known as mentors also helped you achieve a goal of substantial importance in your life.

Mentors can be one but if you were ever being lucky you have had quite a few such as your parents, uncle, teachers, elder siblings, coaches and so forth. The best areas as to how a mentor influences an individual are as follows:

Motivation and Inspiration: Mentors support, validate and encourage their students to lead them. The most difficult part of achieving a goal is by getting started. A mentor will may just ignite a spark just like in a compression ignition engine a spark is used to light up the mini explosions in an engine. The dreams or goals will always remain dreams or goals unless a person makes the first raid to act upon them.

Help: Besides motivating and inspiring, mentor’s role is also to help. Often these are the biggest problem solvers for you, just like a knight in shining armor. They have the strongest knowledge possible in that specific field and will always give you the best help based upon experience as well as rational thinking rather than on intuitions. Growing up the first mentors were your parents who would help you to figure out solutions to your problems.

Connection:Most people are introverts in expressing their feelings or meeting people. Mentos are extroverts and are very sociable persons who feel joy in bringing or helping people meet each other. Nobody knows why they love connecting people just like adds from Nokia mobile phones (Connecting people-Nostalgia right?), but they all share the same traits of possessing having tremendous amounts of energy and are fond of new ideas and concepts. They have a huge interconnected network of people and they are often known as people who get the job done. If you meet any one of these people no matter at what stage of life, hang on.


Challenge: Mentor may not be your wingman whom you celebrate in the best days of your life. You may come across stages where you will feel uncomfortable by the instructions passed by your mentor. But for the sake of growing and evolving into a person of substantial quality, you will have to be uncomfortable. If you haven’t been uncomfortable you haven’t learn anything. The criticism, be it positive or negative will set you on the path of righteous.Mentors are super intellectual, thus making them to give you the least amount of time and will give their challenges very quickly and move on. Therefore learn, adapt and change.

Resource:When you have a mentor, they are always available for any advice or consent for the rest of your life for free.  It does not matter if you are now disconnected from them and moved to new place, one text message is all what it needs to make your day since it’s an everlasting resource that cannot be exhausted. There will never come a point where a person will say that he knows all and don’t need any more help. When you have a mentor, they will always be reaching out for you, no matter what the situation is. But having a mentor isn’t just a one way benefit street.Each mentoring situation will be different, and mentors will need to shift their roles depending on the goals, urgency and nature of scenarios.

To conclude the things, the best importance of mentoring is as beautifully summed up by Steven Spielberg


Samreen Zahra working at Telenor Microfinance Bank and currently doing MBA from Bahria University, Islamabad.


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