Rollable devices are expected with Samsung as giant’s next-generation

Rollable devices are expected with Samsung as giant's next-generation
Rollable devices are expected with Samsung as giant's next-generation

Rollable devices are expected with Samsung as giant’s next-generation. Thanks to advancements in mobile technology, we are quite near to reach scrolls like those we experienced in past with papers, but this time those scrolls are turning their way to smart scrolls with devices like rollable screens that can be turned into tablets or smartphones with only a push of a button.

A new patent discovery shows that Samsung is looking at such form factor. The company is going to allow the users to carry devices in their pockets like the tablets of the future. Yes you got it right, tablets in future would not make you bother about carrying them when out, as they could be rolled up to make them more portable.

We know it already that Samsung wants to release a flagship smartphone with main feature called foldable display. But we have no idea of kind that what the Galaxy X will actually look like yet, and likely would not for some time.

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Samsung has toyed with so many  ideas for such devices, and Let us Go Digital discovered quite a new one.

The patent application filed in mid-June, does show a device made of metal -the scroll-like part- that does house a rollable display. Once it is pulled out, the display becomes a device such as a smartphone or tablet, which can run whatever operating system Samsung does opt for. Android seems liking the obvious choice, but this could easily become a Qualcomm-powered Windows 10 machine.

The cylinder that houses the rollable screen comes with a fingerprint sensor on the side. This does secure the information on the device. To get unlocked the screen and roll it out, you will have to use a registered fingerprint.

While Samsung may be in the designing process of  smartphones and tablets, it does not mean that they are ready for mass production. And there is also a good chance that Samsung will never make tablets with rollable screens at all. Then again, other companies are also exploring similar kind screen technology, Let’s Go Digital does remind us, in addition to LG & Philips having demoed rollable screen concepts in the previous years at various trade shows.

In case Samsung is successful in achieving the goal it sets force future,  many of us,  or all of us could be at ease for carrying devices any where. But the cost factor is of more concern to imagine having foldable devices.


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