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Rolls Royce to launch flying taxi by 2020

Rolls Royce to launch flying taxi by 2020. The time is not so far when we’ll witness flying taxies as after Uber now Rolls-Royce is also working to launch flying vehicles by 2020.

Rolls-Royce Holdings has got good reputation as its engines already power some of the biggest planes around the world. However, this time the company has different plan as it is moving to manufacture flying vehicles to carry 4-5 passengers at a time.

The ides of company is to produce small aircraft. The objective behind this move is to give Uber and Airbus a taste of competition, particularly in the segment of flying cars market.

Not to know, Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc is an engine maker, so don’t confuse it with the British luxury carmaker as both of which went their separate ways in the 1970s.

The concept of EVTOL Flying Taxi

Recently the company revealed the EVTOL (Electric Vertical Take Off and Landing) concept for personal use and jam-packed cities with hectic road traffic.

Spec of flying car

Well, currently the company has nothing but 3D models to give you an idea about for its ambitious plans.

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According to details, Rolls-Royce’s flying cars will be talented to travel at 250 mph speed for 500 miles without delay. The craft will contain four propellers and wings that could spin 90-degrees to allow a vertical takeoff. The propellers will fold at traveling height and the vehicle will have an extra two on the backside to push the flight.

On the other hand, Rolls-Royce is going to adopt a slight different strategy while most manufacturers in the current market are moving towards sustainable energy by making electric engines, the company’s craft’s engines will not completely be electric. As an alternative, it will be a hybrid-esque engine where gas turbines would produce 500kW of power for the takeoff.

The company is quite determined about its plan as it wants to launch the flying car by 2020. At present, it is in talks with numerous electrical-systems suppliers and air framers to sell its plan at the Farnborough air show this week.

In order to know more details, keep in touch with us as more details about the concept car will be unveiled at the Farnborough air show and we will update you about it very soon.

Ayesha Maqbool
Ayesha Maqbool
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