How to root and un-root android Phones and Tablets

How to root and un-root android Phones and Tablets
How to root and un-root android Phones and Tablets

Well for those of us who desire limit-less control over our device, Android rooting helps in opening up an infinite amount of possibilities, but the root comes with a price, the warranty of the phone is lost once you’re device is rooted. Today we will be telling you how you can root your device. Some devices can root within minutes while some require a little more technicality.

What is meant by rooting your device?

Well rooting on an android device may be considered somewhat equivalent to when you jailbreak your ios device on Apple. In basic terms, the process of rooting allows the user to dig deeper in to the phones sub-system which in turn allows you to customize pretty much anything and everything. Once the root is applied you can get by any restrictions that have been put on your device by the device builders. Moreover it does open up countless opportunities for the user to set their phone perfectly to their needs but it is best to back up your data before you undergo the process of rooting.

Moving on, I am sure you are all wondering why you may require to root your device, well firstly one of the biggest benefits of rooting your device is to probably rid yourself of bloat ware which is impossible to remove when on android. Moreover on some particular devices rooting will enable the user to access previously disabled settings such as the wireless tethering. Additional benefits also include enabling the user to install specialized and custom tools and also flash custom ROMs each of which can help in creating more features for your phone or tablet. Moreover there are applications available on the internet which allow the user to root their devices and some apps will automatically back up your data, block in app ads and so much more.

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So why wouldn’t you want to Root your device right? Well here are the notable disadvantages of carrying out this process. Which we think is necessary for all users to know before carrying out this process!

  • Cancellation of your warranty: Some manufacturers or carriers will cancel your warranty if you root your device, so please do keep in mind that you can always unroot your device. Moreover, If you need to send the device back for repair, simply flash the software backup you made and it’ll be good as new.
  • Bricking your phone: If something goes wrong during the rooting process, there is always the risk of bricking or corrupting your device. Now the easiest way to prevent that from ever happening to your device is to follow the instructions carefully. Make sure the guide you are following is up to date and that the custom ROM you flash and run is specifically made for it. If you do your research, you won’t have to worry about bricking your smartphone.
  • Security risks: Rooting introduces some security risks. Depending on what services or apps you use on your device, it could create a security vulnerability. And certain malware takes advantage of rooted status to steal data, install additional malware, or target other devices with harmful web traffic.
  • Disabled apps: Some security-conscious apps and services do not work on rooted devices

 financial platforms like Google’s Android Pay and Barclays Mobile Banking do not support rooting and hence may work faulty or at times may not work at all. Apps that serve copyrighted TV shows and movies, like Sky Go and Virgin TV Anywhere, will not start on rooted devices, either.

Well these are some of the notable disadvantages that you may occur if something goes wrong during the rooting process, but if all goes well then the various opportunities to customize your cellular device should not be ignored. You can also improve the gaming experience on your phone! There are countless variations and possibilities once you successfully root, but like all good things, these also come with some form of risk!


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