Pakistan after 6 days? A brief analysis of facts and figures. A few days has been left as Pakistan is going to witness General Elections on 25 July 2018. In this regard all political parties are trying hard to get the attention of voters through different campaigns and rallies ahead of elections since time is short and competition is hard.

According to analysts and online surveys, this time it may be turn for PTI to lead the country as the current scenario is favoring the Imran Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

On the other hand, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML N) is trying to get sympathy votes following the so-called tragic story of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, caption rtd. Muhamad sarwer and Maryam Nawaz for being sentenced to jail for ten, one and eight years respectively.

Well, now all eyes are on these two parties as definitely it would be interesting contest. PTI has quite lead in KPK and Baluchistan, however we have to wait and watch, would PTI be able to conquer the Punjab, most probably the heart of Punjab, Lahore.

As, Punjab is considered as the core of (PML N) and this time it can be a turning point as despite the verdict of Panama case and even field references, a big number of  Lahore’s population is still supporting PMLN.

In Sindh, there would be hard battle among, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), Pak Sarzameen Party and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). However, PTI may also grab some seats in urban areas of Sindh like Karachi and Nawab sha.

In this article, now we are going to put a brief analysis about the number of registered voters, their demographical structure, or information about the number of lawmakers who are standing for general elections 2018. Here, we gathered some of the facts and figures that you need to know about the upcoming grand contest in Pakistan:

Population analysis:

With a total area of 796,096 sq. km Pakistan has a human development index of 0.681.  However, 64% of the Pakistani population is under the age of 30. In other words, 64% of Pakistani population is youth, which means these are the numbers which can go to vote for PTI as youth is the highest strength of PTI.

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Here is the breakdown structure of the total number of registered voters that are eligible for the current elections:

Total Population Households Male Female Transgender
207,774,520 32,205,111 106,449,322 101,314,780 10,418
86,855,233 20,012,797 67,300,171 64,886,593 2,767
75,584,989 12,192,314 39,149,151 36,428,187 7,651

Religion analysis:

On the other side, as Pakistan is home to people of various religions and faiths. So, here you can see some data regarding Pakistan’s religious communities:

Muslim Hindu Christian Ahmedi/Qadiani Scheduled Castes Others
% Population 96.28 1.60 1.59 0.22 0.25 0.07

Political analysis:

When we did a comparison of registered voters, it indicated that the number of registered voters in 2013 was 86.19 million while this year’s numbers are up by 23%.

So, in the General Elections 2018, 46.73 million females and 59.22 million males will have the right to cast their votes.

Registered Voters Legal Voting Age National Assembly Candidates Provincial Assembly Candidates Registered Political Parties Active Political Parties Polling Stations NA General Seats Provincial Assembly General Seats
105.96 million 18 3,675 8,895 110 30 86,436 272 577

You vote is your dignity

One thing keep in your mind, whatever will be the results of this contest, vote is your personal right and it’s your obligation to use it wisely, not for the sake of some political benefits instead for the sake of your homeland, your Pakistan.

Fact and figures from: The News, PBS, Dawn, Al-Jazeera, Propakistani, Trading Economics


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