Rumors: Google Pixel 3 with iris scanner to be launched on 18th October

Rumors: Google Pixel 3 with iris scanner to be launched on 18th October
Rumors: Google Pixel 3 with iris scanner to be launched on 18th October

Rumors Google Pixel 3 with iris scanner to be launched on 18th October Though Google has relied on third-party vendors in the past to help make its smartphones a reality, having acquired the HTC smartphone team last year, the giant now has its own hardware division at its disposal. And after the launch of its 2 mobile phones, Google Pixel 3, slated for release later in 2018, will be the first high-end handset to come from that acquisition.

Google has remained now tight-lipped on its plans for the Pixel 3. But the speculation and early reports are irresistible. Below is a look at all the rumors surrounding Google’s Pixel 3.

Google is planning an October launch for the Pixel 3 line. However, there is no exactly word about the date of launch.

Google planning a notch design in the Pixel 3s and the rumor comes from the fact that Android P itself be notch-friendly.

A report in Droid Life, says that Google is working on 3 new Pixel devices for this year. The devices were discovered in a source-code leak last year with code-names “crosshatch,” “albacore” and “blueline.”

As Google released the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL on Oct. 19, 2017, the third Thursday of the month, in case Google follows a similar pattern this time around, the Pixel 3 release date would be Oct. 18, 2018.

It is unknown when the Pixel 3 will hit store shelves, Valuewalk has reported that Google is planning an October launch for its next big handsets.

According to Bloomberg, Google is working on a new version of its Android operating system that will make its debut on new Pixel handsets this year.

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The Operating System, currently known as Android P, will bring a variety of improvements, including features like boost of battery life.

Android P will also get designed to accommodate smartphones with “notch” designs.

Google is working on an iris scanner to replace a 3D face scanner similar to Face ID, as per Android Police.

The iris scanner that Google might have planned for the Pixel 3 could work across numerous Android apps and might even be used to verify mobile payments you would make via Google Pay. There is no word, however, whether it would be combined with a face scanner like that in the Galaxy S9.

Google Pixel 3 line will deliver a true edge-to-edge design, reportedly. Though there are not any details on the Pixel 3’s bezel size and whether there will be a fingerprint sensor, but if the rumors come to be true, all signs point to Google having no place for a physical or digital home button with the handset.

BGR reports that Google’s decision to support a notch design in Android P confirms that the company is planning the design feature.

There have not been any concrete rumors yet about the Google Pixel 3’s camera features, but improvements are expected to be guaranteed.

A concept video that was released in January and published by Android Headlines cited rumors claiming that Google is working on Pixel 3 devices with front-facing speakers. Of course, concepts are by no means smoking guns that point to what the company has planned, but with Apple and Samsung seemingly focusing more on smartphone speaker design, it seems possible.

As HTC has spent years trying to differentiate its smartphones with their sound quality and now because  Google owns the team behind those HTC handsets, it makes sense that this year’s Pixel 3s would offer improved audio. You will look stereo sound on the Pixel 3 at the very least.

 Google is planning to bundle the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 into its line of Pixels for this year. The chip will find its way to most high-end smartphones this year.

How much RAM or storage Google will offer? We don’t know yet.


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