Rumors about the reveal date of Samsung Galaxy S9. A few days ago in the same month when we were continuously getting to show you what Samsung had been presenting at CES 2018,  Samsung the giant made it confirm to us that it will be unveiling the Galaxy S9 at MWC 2018 that will held within the next month. Which is exactly when what anticipated.

Early rumors about the giant and about its plans did say that the phone could be unveiled in early January at CES, as the giant wanted to counter the iPhone X with a brand new phone as soon as possible.

As we got closer to the trade show, however, it became even more clear that Samsung would not announce any of such kind of the handset. The company did never issue any Unpacked press event invitations to the media, and fresh rumors did say that the phone would be announced only in February.

Now, a trustworthy leaker has actual dates for the Galaxy S9 rollout schedule, with inclusion of the dates for the announcement event, for preorders, and the actual in-store release of the phone.

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According to the unnamed executive and our trust worthy leaker, Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S9 on February 26th, which happens to be the 1st day of this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Though, the date is somewhat strange, considering that the company announced previous Galaxy S models one day before the trade show did actually kick off.

MWC does always start on a Monday, with Samsung’s presser taking place on Sunday evening. Maybe the first Unpacked press event of Samsung in 2018 is scheduled for February 25th rather than February 26th.

According to the reports we received, preorders for the device should be available online beginning from March 1st, with devices to be delivered to customers on Friday, ( after 15 days of start of preordering series) on March 16th.

16th of March is actually the day when the phone will be available in stores in various markets all around the world according to the rumors getting the guise of the reports.

The above mentioned dates does make plenty of sense, considering what Samsung has did with its previous Galaxy S models. But these rumors and reports are not official, means that not confirmed by any means so do not get too excited just yet about the purchase of the next best thing from Samsung.


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