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Russia’s New Corona Antivirus Drug is Able to Eliminate the Virus in Just 5 Days

R-Pharm is a Russian pharmaceutical company which has hit the news after reports have come in that the company have gotten the approval from the Russian healthcare authorities allow usage of their new drug “Coronavir” to treat COVID-19 patients in the country. In a statement released to the Russian press, R-Pharm claim that COVID-19 patients who administer mild to medium symptoms have recovered fully during their clinical trial of the new drug. Moreover, the antiviral drug also inhibited the infection from replicating in the patients, bodies.

As per the representative of R-Pharm, the Medical Director, Mikhail Samsonov says that the clinical trial has now deduced that the antiviral drug is able to completely eliminate the  infection caused inside the body in just five days, which is a major breakthrough in the field of medical care. He says “Coronavir is the first drug in both Russia and the world that not only tackles the complications caused by SARS-COV-2 but prevents the growth of the virus as well”

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Furthermore, in the entire duration of the said clinical trial which started back in May at the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology, approximately 110 COVID-19 patients were given the R-Pharm antiviral drug and of the patients involved in the trial, 55%  started to show signs of improvement in no more than 7 days after they received the drug. It should be noted that as of the current situation, it takes 14 days for a COVID-19 patient receiving Standard Etiotropic therapy to show a 20% recovery in their condition. Moreover, within 5 days, around 77% of the patients administered Coronavir tested negative for the disease, which can be seen as a major solution to fighting the noval corona virus. 

It was only last month when the Russian government gave the green light to another drug, Avifavir, which also serves to treat the corona virus patients at home. COVID-19 patients have shown improvement in their symptoms when they used the Avifavir in the early and middle stages of the infection. The Coronavirus cases in Russia have so far crossed 707,300 whereas the death toll now amounts to 10,843, but the situation there may well change for the better, considering the latest development, hopefully we will have a cure or treatment of the virus in the upcoming few months till then we can only wait. 


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