S10 series a silver lining for Samsung

S10 series a silver lining for Samsung
S10 series a silver lining for Samsung

A new report from coming in from Canalys has presented a very clear picture of the smartphone market based in North America, with the industry as a whole not doing all that well. However, Samsung can take great pride in the fact that its latest flagship series – the Samsung Galaxy S10 series has been doing quite well.

The report focuses on the shipment side of things. It quite clearly showcased the data for the smartphone shipments in the first quarter, which equals to 36.4 million smartphones, representing a downfall of 18 percent from the same period just a year ago. Such statistics represent an alarming five year low for the industry as a whole, with the 18 percent drop showcasing the largest ever recorded in the history of smartphones.

With the help of the iPhone XR, Apple was top of the pile in North America. And while the sales of the phone were impressive in the region, the company’s market share dropped by 19 percent, which should be concerning for Apple to say the least.

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While Samsung belongs in the second place behind Apple in North America, the Korean manufacturer’s market share percentage saw a rise by a higher margin than any of the other brands taking their place in the top five. And one would have to imagine that the Galaxy S10 family played an integral role in what the company has achieved recently.

The estimates coming in from Canalys show that Samsung has shipped around twice as many units of the S10 family as it did the Galaxy S9 family in the previous year. But of course, when comparing, one would have to take into consideration the fact that the Galaxy S9 series consisted of only two devices, while the S10 series consist of four phones.


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