, is one of the delivery startups in Pakistan, that earlier took place at the LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship. It offers fresh fruits and vegetables to the buyers that are mostly farmers or even others through online facility.

The site has recently declared that they will no longer be putting up efforts for the finance of Pakistan retail business.

Now they have joined hands with a new seed funding program and have stated that it is worth USD 7.5 Million.

Now a days it is making huge deal of revenue in the city of Lahore. It has also started to deliver item on to the hotels and restaurants in Lahore.

The CEO of Farooq Haider said that before they had made efforts for such fruitful investment but always failed, this is one of the best investments. He even said that they desire to work up with investors who suit their business the best. He further added that he wishes to turn in to a national brand of Pakistan.

Let us all wish for the betterment and prosperity of this startup plan of and hope that Pakistani investors admire this talent and their struggles too!


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