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SadaPay Groundbreaking Move: SadaBiz Now Accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay

In a significant development in the fintech world, SadaPay, the revolutionary financial technology company, has taken a giant leap forward. Earlier this year, they introduced SadaBiz, a business account tailor-made for freelancers. Now, in an exciting announcement at SadaPay’s first-ever SadaSummit, the company has revealed that SadaBiz users can now receive payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay. This groundbreaking move has the potential to reshape the way freelancers in Pakistan operate and get paid, and it’s creating quite a buzz in the industry.

A Game-Changer for Freelancers

The SadaSummit, which took place at COLABS and was attended by IT industry veterans, thought leaders in the freelancing ecosystem, and early adopters of SadaBiz, was not just about this exciting announcement. It also featured engaging panel talks and fireside chats that brimmed with optimism for Pakistan’s future as a global freelancing hub.

Apple Pay: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Apple Pay, with its impressive user base of 550 million, has now surpassed PayPal, which stands at 450 million users. But the significance goes beyond just the numbers; the payment volume via Apple Pay is four times greater than PayPal’s, and it’s growing at an exponential rate. With over 2 billion iPhones globally equipped with Apple Pay, the reach is truly massive. SadaPay, with its forward-looking approach, recognized the potential of Apple Pay for the Pakistani market. This move ensures that Pakistani freelancers now have a popular and trusted payment rail to offer their clients an easy and convenient way to make payments.

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Embracing Google Pay

In addition to the Apple Pay announcement, SadaPay also revealed that SadaBiz will accept payments via Google Pay. Google Pay, with its increasing user adoption globally, is on a similar trajectory to Apple Pay. This dual support for both major payment platforms opens up new horizons for freelancers in Pakistan, making it easier for them to access a global client base.

Bridging the Gap

SadaPay has filled the void left by international payment companies that have long overlooked the Pakistani market. By connecting Pakistani freelancers with over 700 million devices worldwide that have access to Apple Pay and Google Pay, SadaPay has provided a seamless and efficient payment solution for freelancers. This means that freelancers in Pakistan can now easily tap into the vast global market without the hassles they previously faced.

Introducing SadaSchool: Empowering the Youth

Another exciting revelation at the SadaSummit was the launch of SadaSchool. This is a remarkable initiative aimed at nurturing the immense talent of Pakistani youth. SadaSchool offers a free platform that includes Masterclasses designed to take beginners to expert levels as freelancers. Additionally, it provides a vibrant Discord community built for peer support and mentorship.

SadaPay has established a network of experts and thought leaders who regularly host workshops to share their knowledge on various high-income skills, including graphic design, copywriting, and programming. With SadaSchool, SadaPay’s goal is to enable Pakistan’s digital generation to make a significant impact on the global gig economy.

Why Is This a Game-Changer for Pakistan?

Pakistan has long grappled with challenges related to getting paid by overseas clients, especially in the absence of PayPal’s services. Freelancers and businesses faced a complicated process involving third-party platforms and significant commissions and fees. However, the arrival of Apple Pay has transformed this landscape.

Now, a freelancer in Lahore working with a client in New York can bid farewell to the complexities of juggling between various platforms and losing a significant portion of their hard-earned money to commissions. SadaBiz allows freelancers to generate a simple payment link, which can be shared with clients through WhatsApp or email. The client can then quickly complete the payment using Apple Pay, streamlining the entire process.

Brandon Timinsky, CEO at SadaPay, sums it up beautifully: “Our vision is clear: the future of work for Pakistani youth lies in freelancing. The integration of Apple Pay is a monumental stride in realizing this vision. This initiative not only unlocks employment prospects for our skilled youth but also plays a crucial role in remitting valuable foreign exchange into Pakistan.”

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your freelancing journey. Join the SadaBiz community and experience the future of freelancing in Pakistan.


SadaPay’s integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay into the SadaBiz platform is a game-changer for freelancers in Pakistan. It not only simplifies the payment process for freelancers but also positions Pakistan as a global freelancing hub. With the addition of SadaSchool, the platform empowers Pakistani youth to excel in high-income skills and make a significant impact on the global gig economy. This is an exciting development that holds immense promise for the future.


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