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The saga of Amir and Faryal comes to a happy end and people can’t stop congratulating them

Finally, a bit adventurous 2017 coming to an end and with it, the notorious Faryal-Amir tale might just too have drawn its curtains.

Yes, after never-ending drams of ‘it’s over’ ‘what ifs’ and the alienated wife and husband have resolute to set to one side their differences and have amazingly reconciled.

Although Faryal ultimately confirmed this a few weeks before with her shared family selfie, Amir was until now to make a statement.The boxer took to Instagram to bear out the news that he and his four-month pregnant wife would be turning a new side and starting fresh.

Today Amir took to Instagram to post a snap of himself and Faryal cuddling up and said.

“With my 4 month pregnant wife, after sorting out all the issues. Closing the year with a happy ending ? @faryalmakhdoom

Well we had seen something with a similar caption by Faryal posted on Instagram just a few weeks.

The well known boxer Amir Khan captioned the couple’s hug with ‘with four-month pregnant wife, after sorting out the issues.’ He wants to convey the message that how the two were closing the year with ‘a happy ending.’

Well the post got viral and fans couldn’t be happier over the announcement and news of official settlement.

Many fans send their warm wishes to couple. On the other hands, many advised them to not to publicized this drama on social media and kept the family matter to themselves.

However, in previous scandals it’s hard to reveal our curiosity over Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom’s extremely scandalous, public lives. After a twister of alleged cheating, apologies, misunderstandings and far too many screenshots, the tranquil before the hurricane was very brief.

After weeks of pensive posts faryal took to Twitter to declare something rather shocking.

“Alhumdulilah , blessed with baby number 2 in my tummy❤ #excited eating away, can’t stop ?”

— Faryal Makhdoom Khan (@FaryalxMakhdoom) August 26, 2017

Things got far too confused for anyone to deal with,with Faryal pregnant with her second child and Amir supposedly dating a Pakistani model.

But after all this drama Faryal also claimed that she said things about her parents-in-laws that she didn’t imply, shouldn’t have said, and she regrets now, which is a good thing.

She also had spoken about the fact that she was worried and didn’t want her daughter and unborn child to grow up in a broken family.

Well, we all happy to see that couple is realizing its mistake and is together again.


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