Apple released its best iPhone yet in September, the iPhone 7, and the phone was expected to be in heavy demand, with some sources claiming that Apple was expecting around 100 million sales of the device at the end of the year, however, a report from Japenese newspaper, ‘Nikkei’ claims that this is not the case. The newspaper has called the sales of the iPhone 7 ‘sluggish’. It has been claimed that Apple recently had to face disappointment in the recent numbers relating to the sales of the iPhone 7. This failure to reach the expected level of sales could result in Apple needing to scale down its plans for next year. However, not all is bad for Apple, as the iPhone 7 Plus, the more expensive version of the iPhone has been selling out as expected, and in fact, is selling out fast.

It is also now being claimed that Apple will now start to cut production, until the sales of the iPhone’s pick up. Both the iPhone’s are apples most powerful phones as to date, and even with high price tags of 599 and 719 pounds respectively, the phones were high in demand, and initial stock of the phones was sold out quickly in the UK. Not only Apple expected much better selling numbers, but also the analysts predicted that both the devices would be amongst the best selling products Apple has produced to date, however, this obviously is not the case currently, though this can change quickly.

This is not Apple’s only headache, as Apple’s new wireless ‘Airpods’ are also facing a shortage, with many users claiming that they are unable to purchase the earphones, or are being made to wait a lengthy period to buy them. Even Apple’s UK online store is saying that users will have to wait around 6 weeks to have the airpods delivered, or picked from Apple’s store. Considering the high price of the new airpods, and the fact that users are being made to wait for a considerably long period, this is turning out to be a very frustrating time for Apple users and fans.



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