On the morning of April 14, two armed individuals on a motorcycle discharged rounds outside the residence of Bollywood star Salman Khan in Bandra, Mumbai. The police have stated that both individuals have connections to Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang, with one of them identified as Shoaib from Gurgaon. However, the suspects have not yet been apprehended.

Reports suggest that Anmol Bishnoi has confessed to the shooting incident through a social media post, raising concerns of further threats against Salman Khan. In a Facebook post, it was stated, “We want peace, but if it’s war you want, Salman Khan, we’re ready. We’ve done this just to show you our capabilities and to test you. This is our first and final warning. After this, bullets won’t just be fired at homes.”

Despite the incident, Salman Khan has directed his team to continue with their regular activities without being deterred. While Khan is currently not engaged in any film shootings, he is expected to resume work on upcoming advertisements soon. Sources close to him indicate his determination to maintain the momentum of his work despite any challenges posed by the incident.

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Salman Khan has downplayed the shooting incident, believing that those behind it are seeking to disrupt his professional commitments. He has reassured his close friends and colleagues in Bollywood not to worry and refrain from visiting his residence. His father, Salim Khan, also spoke to the media, reassuring that no harm was done to their family and emphasizing that the incident was aimed at garnering public attention.

Background and Similar Incidents Last year, Salman Khan’s office received a threatening email, leading Mumbai Police to file a First Information Report (FIR) against gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldy Brar. In response, Salman Khan was granted a permit to carry a personal firearm for self-defense in November 2022, and his security detail was elevated to Y-Plus level.

As the investigation continues, security measures at Khan’s residence remain heightened, with local authorities prioritizing the safety of both the public and the actor. The incident has raised concerns among locals and fans, highlighting the challenges of maintaining public safety in high-profile areas.


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