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Salman Khan teased by Adnan Sami on the sets of Big Boss 13

In the world of bollywood Showbiz it has been found that one of the most famous actors to have ever graced the movie screens in India, Salman Khan ha been teased by singer Adnan Sami on the sets of Bigg Boss 13 as reported by the Indian media agencies. 

It was revealed that Adnan advised Salman Khan to tie the knot and get married. 

As per reports, the former Pakistani singer turned Indian, Adnan Sami only recently visited the sets of  Bigg Boss 13 along with his family and in turn met with Salman Khan, the host of the highest grossing reality show in India and a show which a lot of a Pakistanis watch as well. The famous star, known for his roles in the Dabangg franchise and Adnan Sami apparently had a lot of fun together and the singer also told the bachelor superstar to get ‘sorted out’ and get married.

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Later in the day, the singer told IANS that Salman Khan played with his daughter along the sets of Bigg Boss 13 and he also liked a new song Tu Yaad Aya, which has been released by Adnan Sami.  He said “Salman Khan teased me by telling my wife Roya that it’s good to see that you have sorted him out,” The singer in response also teased Salman, saying, “It’s about time that even you get ‘sorted out’ and get married.”


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