Salman Khan has his fans going again for another Eid starrer and would definitely be even more worthy with the dazzling Katrina in alongside Salman. It turns out that it wasn’t Katrina who was supposed to play the role of Kumud Raina, the female lead of Bharat. It was actually Priyanka Chopra. However, as it turns out she backed out of the movie at the last minute with several excuses, the primary of which being her engagement. Katrina, who was filled in to replace her, had to work extremely hard in the time that she was provided in order to get ready for the role.

“I had two months to prepare for the role and I worked extremely hard. Ali was very, very clear at least about the look of the character and once we cracked the physicality and hair, it was a big help for us. The character was extremely well written, very strong, a woman fighting in a man’s world. Once the structure was in place it was about putting as much preparation and reading the scenes and rehearsing with Ali and my coach was helping me too,” said the actress.

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Salman also wasn’t happy with Priyanka for bailing out and did clear it out:

“Yes, Katrina Kaif worked really hard to prepare for the role. If only Priyanka Chopra gave us more time…””But whatever the reason may be, the wedding, the movie, or if she doesn’t want to work in an Indian movie, or doesn’t want to work with me, or work only in Hollywood films and TV, they are her reasons. We are really happy and supportive about her doing good work. So what if she doesn’t work here? She is making India proud out there. If she doesn’t work with Salman but works with a big hero in Hollywood, she is making India proud,” he added.

At the end, it seems like it was all well an sorted after PC’s departure as Katrina replaced her, a more than worthy replacement. With a couple of hit songs already out, this one might be another of Salman’s great grossing movies and with such a strong support cast including Tabu, Disha Patani, Sunil Grover and Jackie Shroff, this surely would be a great watch!

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