I’ve covered Samsung for a long time and can remember the days when its record on Android updates was miserable. Samsung used to be the last of all Android OEMs to roll out significant software updates. 

However, even when they did come out customers in select markets, especially those who have carrier-locked devices in the US are likely to wait for a long time compared to all other users.

It wasn’t the ideal situation , and it didn’t reflect well on the business. It was a question of why a company as large as Samsung is awash with talent and resources available cannot do its best with regards to changes. 

There were certainly issues that Samsung did not have control over however it was clear that there was plenty of need for improvement in Samsung’s own procedures.

In the last few decades, Samsung has demonstrated an remarkable dedication to overcome the challenges. It is long gone from the days that users around the world had to wait an unreasonable period of time to wait for updates to come out. 

Since each month’s security updates were made available to Android phones, Samsung has been on the forefront of these updates, often making patches available for the upcoming month before the date it is due.

We saw another instance of this today. Samsung have already published their August 2022 security update to the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21 and the Galaxy S20 series. There is no other Android OEM that has released a patch like this so far. 

We’ve seen this kind of speed from Samsung several times in the last few years that it’s not shocking now. As an avid Samsung enthusiast I’m very happy to observe how Samsung has made a comeback.

In the current scenario, Samsung is doing an even better than Google in the way of distributing Android updates. This is ironic considering how Google is the owner of Android. We’ve also explained in the past the ways Samsung has developed an habit of over-Androiding Google. 

It’s clear that if you want security on your smartphone, you should consider an Samsung phone. The other OEM will be as proactive when it comes to security updates.

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It’s not the only reason why Samsung distinguishes itself from the other Android pack. Samsung offers the promise of four years’ worth of Android OS updates for its flagship devices as well as Galaxy A mid-range devices. 

They also provide the security of five years updates. Most Android phone makers offer only the two-year period of OS updates. Even Google’s latest Pixel phones do not have this kind of support for software.

The market for smartphones has been standardized to a large degree. The majority of phones are similar to each other and have identical hardware. 

However, while Samsung is innovating with its foldable phones but it has implemented a smart plan to stand from the rest in a highly competitive market.

If you’re someone who prefers to keep their phones the same once a year, which is what most people are, then you’ll need a device that is able to receive significant Android OS upgrades. 

While a phone made by other manufacturer may be less expensive however it doesn’t come with the same access to updates and features similar to what Samsung phones do. Samsung phone does.

This doesn’t mean that there’s no Samsung phone to suit all price ranges. There’s plenty of variety in Samsung’s phone lineup to accommodate all kinds of customers. 

Even if it seems like Samsung’s smartphones are higher priced than competitors but that little bit of cash is going make a big difference in support for software.

This is especially evident when you compare Samsung phones with its Chinese competitors. Over the years, they’ve tried but unsuccessfully tried to take away Samsung’s dominant position. 

The years of relentlessly subduing Samsung in terms of pricing hasn’t been successful. The Korean company has leveraged its vast consumer insights to stay ahead of ever-changing competitors.

Samsung has a point to prove, given its unfavorable experience when it comes to software update. Samsung has proved it spectacularly. There’s not a single company which can boast of its total dominance over the software support process. 

Samsung is now the shining example of the way an OEM should approach offering software support. There’s no doubt that Samsung will continue to grow and there will be no question who’s the best at Android updates.


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