Samsung announces a $205 billion investment

Samsung to raise smartphone shipments to 300 million units by 2021

Samsung group – one of the world’s largest companies, has now unveiled its latest plans in relation to a new expansion that the Korean giant happens to be planning thereby which it will spend around $205 billion.

In accordance with what the plan suggests, Samsung will actually hire around 40,000 people over the course of the next three years as the company advances towards the prospect of next-generation technologies. Its subsidiaries will be spending money on Research and Development as well as corporate acquisitions.

The brand proceeded on to unveil that it is setting aside 180 trillion won for the sake of its home country in South Korea and aims to hire 10,000 people over the course of the period. It is also worthy to note then that the new expansion plan which has been touted by Samsung includes expenditures that were previously outlined by the company itself.

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Indeed the Korean manufacturer has planned to invest around $151 billion through 2030 so as to delve deeper into the course of advanced Chipmaking. It is expected that the brand will proceed even more aggressively now – considering the fact that Lee Jae-Yong has been released from prison on parole after being sentenced to jail earlier in the year courtesy of accusations of bribery.

Indeed Samsung is now expected to have further development related to its semiconductor plant in the US for which it is spending and around $17 billion. Samsung is indeed amongst the world’s largest selling chipset makers – this especially being the case after we saw Huawei withdrawing from the market. Indeed Samsung plans to go ahead with its long-term vision in technology rather than short-term goals.

Also, along with this then, the South Korean brand is also looking towards the prospect of expanding its biopharmaceutical business via the aid of its subsidiaries in Samsung biologics and Samsung bioepisit. Indeed it is expected that the group will end up building two factories in addition to the three which are operating currently.


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