Samsung best mid-ranger in years?

Samsung best mid-ranger in years?
Samsung best mid-ranger in years?

Samsung has been trying long and hard to fight off the mid-range competition that finds itself in the subcontinent market. The Korean manufacturer in recent times has been releasing some very impressive mid-range devices, as the company looks to regain some of the market share that it has lost over the past couple of months. The recent Galaxy A50 that Samsung launched is the prime example of how good the phones from the company now are with regards to the price. Seemingly enough, the follow-up is now shaping out to be something even better.

Famous personalities in the smartphone world as well as some folks down at Price baba have all published what’s claimed to be the very first look at the Samsung Galaxy A51. This device of course will come as a sequel to the Galaxy A50 with its minor variant Galaxy A50s expected to make its debut earlier next year.

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The renders which are found on the internet are obviously leaked case factory schematics and so the final finish and visual appearance of the A51 may turn out to be much different.

For now though, the rumor mill suggests that the A51 will arrive with a 6.5-inch AMOLED display and will measure 158.4 x 73.7 x 7.9mm. And while this may seem quite similar to the A50 (to too much of an extent it in fact is) there are some changes that Samsung will introduce that will set the devices apart from one another.

First and foremost the waterdrop notch which is found on the Galaxy A50 will now be replaced by a punch-hole camera being positioned right in the center of the display – a concept much similar to the one followed with the Galaxy Note 10 series.

While the A51 will sport the In-display fingerprint scanner much like the previous A50, there will be a bigger camera module present on the A51, which will host four cameras being arranged in an “L” pattern. Also, reports suggest that the device will feature with a very solid and impressive battery of 4,000mAh.


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