Samsung Bids To Let Users Video Chat Doctors in the UK. The South Korean giant Samsung bids to make trips to doctor feel slightly less ominous and is working on an AI powered feature to allow UK users of Samsung to video chat medical professionals while sitting in the comfort zone of their home.

 The technology Samsung has decided to bring with its phones is called the Medical Consultation Technology which will be provided by a health startup company Babylon also known primarily for its partnership with the UK’s “GP at Hand,” (a program designed to help users book their doctor appointments through video calls, launched earlier the current year).

Alongside sharing some of the profits with the new company, Samsung is all set to pay Babylon for a license fee to use their technology.

 A recent report by financial Times has made us aware that  Samsung phones is soon to hit the shelves pre-installed with this AI feature.

Samsung’s technology (Like GP at Hand) will not only allow its users to virtually arrange medical consultations, but also to check their symptoms through an internal health application.

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But Samsung’s technology comes at a cost and access to the new feature will cost you £50 (US $67) a year or £25 (US $33) for only one-time consultation.

New health feature by Samsung is exclusive to the users in the UK but we hope in the future the company will raise funds to expand this feature to all over the world.

So, we are impatient to see that time in our lives when we will not even make others bother to accompany us while we are sick to go to doctor and hopefully we will be able to video chat a doctor in Thailand while we are sick in our bedroom staged in Pakistan.  Is not it possible? Tell me in the comments below.


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