Samsung denies the rumours that it plans to stop selling Exynos chips

Samsung denies the rumours that it plans to stop selling Exynos chips

Samsung Samsung has dispelled reports that it will stop its production Exynos chips. Rumors circulated about Samsung is going to stop using Exynos SoCs in its flagship products in 223/2024. There is also speculation it is possible that Samsung will also cease manufacturing of the chips following. An article that has been circulating from South Korea quotes Samsung as declaring that the rumor is not true.

The announcement from Samsung was announced during the Q2 2022 conference calls where it detailed its financial performance during the period.

Samsung declares it is not going to end its Exynos manufacturing division and is working to increase the market share of Exynos. Exynos brand. Samsung states that it plans to partner with other IP companies and start with early development to boost their market shares. main customers.

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Samsung is also working on a high-end processor designed specifically designed for its Galaxy S series. The 1,000+ Dream Team of Samsung is believed that they are working on the top-of-the-line processor.

However, it is believed that Samsung’s efforts to deliver the latest premium Galaxy S chip have led Samsung to hold off the launch of a brand new Exynos chip.

The expected release date for the brand new Galaxy S series chip is 2025. The coming Galaxy S23 models will have only Snapdragon SoCs.

Samsung affirms its plans to keep investing on its path by looking at the future market and global needs in the medium and the long time.


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