Samsung’s next generation digital cockpit

Samsung digital cockpit

Korean manufacturer Samsung has just gone on to reveal its digital cockpit for smart cars. The digital cockpit 2021 is actually powered by Harman’s automotive technology and also goes on to feature with several screens on both the outside as well as the inside the car, enhanced safety capabilities, super fast 5G connectivity as well as an all around comfortable user experience to go along everything.

As the company proceeded on to release the Digital cockpit 2021, Samsung is in fact actualizing its very own desire that the connected cars shouldn’t just be limited to transportation, but should also actually go on to become comfortable living spaces for every user and passenger. The huge dashboard display which happens to be placed inside the car is powered by a QLED display while on the other hand, an OLED panel has the control over the center console. The digital cockpit also goes on to encompass an outside display – which is placed on the front grille, and this proceeds on to provide alerts as well as notifications to pedestrians. This is in fact powered by a MicroLED panel.

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The digital cockpit also makes its way with dedicated media and gaming modes that go on to provide an immersive entertainment experience. A dedicated media mode actually reveals the full screen which is found on the dashboard while it also goes on to ingress the steering. When indeed the system finds itself in gaming mode, two stereo speakers make their way from the seat’s headrest so as to make sure that an immersive audio experience is provided with.

In addition to all this, there also is a creator studio which has the capabilities to provide users with the option of quickly editing photos as well as videos while they are on the move. Also, a large screen placed on the rear helps users in making the switch between landscape and portrait modes. Passengers that are seated in connected cars also have the option to access to this screen with the aid of their Galaxy smartphones or tablets using wireless DeX so as to turn it into a mobile workstation.


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