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Samsung Exynos Chipset 9820 to be unveiled Next week

The time for the launch of Samsung new and upcoming Exynos Chipset is all but here. With the launch set up for next week, to be specific, on the 14th of November, the SoC is set to power Samsung’s latest and upcoming flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy s10, which is supposed to be launched next year.

Rumors that had surfaced earlier went on to state that the chipset is set to come with a dual-core NPU, along with an Octa-core CPU, that will indeed be a tri-cluster affair, going on to sport two Samsung-designed Mongoose M4 cores, two ARM Cortex-A76 cored, and all this with four efficient ARM Cortex-A55 cores.

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The manufacturing process with regards to the chipset comes as a result of the Korean company’s 7nm EUV process. This will result in not only a 50 percent decrease in power consumption, but it will also result in a 50 percent gain in performance. The new Exynos Chipset will also support a 5G modem – as a distinct version of the Galaxy s10 is all but set to have the capabilities with regards to 5G as well.

Just recently, Samsung launched another one of its many phones, and it was quite an interesting affair, to say the least. The recent launch was of the Android Flipper W2019, and amongst the many features that the phone brings along with it, the most prominent of those is the fact that it comes with Snapdragon 845. Furthermore, the phone comes with 6 gigs of RAM, and 128 gigs, or 256 gigs of internal storage options.


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