Right at the beginning of May there were some rumors that Samsung new camera sensor will pack a huge 64MP resolution, going even bigger than the top dog of today : the Sony IMX 586 with a 48MP sensor.

When the rumors first came to light, many expected that the Galaxy Note 10 would be the first ever device to come with a 64MP sensor – since it makes all the sense in the world to have a flagship camera sensor to debutin a flagship phone.

Contrary to such reports though, ET News has claimed that the Korean manufacturer will instead launch the sensor in the Galaxy A70s – which needless to say, will not be a flagship phone. The Samsung Galaxy A70 was launched earlier in the year, featuring as an Indian exclusive – at $416. One would have to imagine that the Galaxy A70s will only be a minor upgraded device when compared to the A70.

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The A70 features with a triple camera sensor on the rear. It almost comes as a guarantee that the 64MP sensor on the A70s would be the primary one, however, what the other two sensors will be, is not clear thus far.

As part of the mobile restructuring strategy that Samsung adopted, the company made announcements that it would launch cutting-edge features in the mid range lineup of phones that it launches, rather than just leaving such features to its two flagships – the Galaxy S line and the Galaxy Note line. Such a sensor (if indeed implemented in the A70s) would indeed go on to support that Samsung is not willing to part with such a philosophy.

The Galaxy A70, as of now, is not available in the US. And while it may be possible that the A70s would feature in the States, it doesn’t seem too likely – especially given Samsung’s track record.


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