Just yesterday, Young Sohn, who happens to be Samsung Electronics president went on to reveal  Samsung’s first ever foldable device’s”Samsung Galaxy Fold” sales numbers. In accordance with what he had to say, the Korean manufacturer has gone on to sell at least a million devices globally.

He said : “And I think that the point is, we’re selling a million of these products. There’s a million people who want to use this product at $2,000.”

As apparent as the point could be, Sohn felt no discomfort when giving out the sale numbers – pointing out that there indeed is a huge market for increasingly expensive smartphone devices – and the Samsung Galaxy Fold is without doubt one. The device starts at $1,980 for the 4G LTE version in the US, while the 5G variant is available for $2038 – however, this variant isn’t actually available for purchase in the US.

It has also been revealed that Canada seems to be the most potent market with regards to the sales – as Samsung has been successful in selling the most number of devices in the particular country. 

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While a million sales is quite a decent achievement, when compared with the sales of the rest of the devices that Samsung has in its locker – they are pretty weak. Halfway in the year, the Korean manufacturer was successful in moving 16 million devices belonging to the Galaxy S10 family – these include the likes of the Galaxy S10, as well as the Galaxy S10 Plus, the S10e and finally, the S10 5G.

Regardless of this however, a million sales is without doubt a major achievement and go on to tell a very interesting story : even the most expensive devices in the market can be a major success – as people are now more than ever, spending significant amounts of money on innovation. Also, such sale figures are only likely to motivate other manufacturers around the globe who are looking to get into the foldable market.


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