Samsung has always provided best smartphones, since its advent in the mobile industry. Something unique that we can never forget about its devices is about making a tall size. It also seems notorious to have such long names matching the long structure of the phone. Have you forgotten Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch? Isn’t it amazing we are to meet you with a similar long name epic device Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus? The idea behind the name does matters as it explains all the amazing salient features of the phone. We certainly have done a microscopic review of this Smartphone in our hands which we will share with you below with each bit of detail.

Now, first of all, we will give you a brief glimpse of what its box has to tell us. Here are some things that we have noticed worthy to mention. The specs highlighted on the back of the box are Front LED Flash, Quad Core Processor, and Power Saving mode. After opening the box and removing the seal we were really amazed by its first look.

The package contained:

  • Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus
  • User Guide
  • IMEI numbers and warranty card
  • Wall Charger
  • Micro-USB cable
  • Stereo Headphones

Outer look and features:

As we have brought this phone in Gold color so it really gives a magnificent look especially from the front side. The uniqueness about its front look is its neatness and simplicity. The back side is plastic and has some patterns so it can’t slip and you may hold it firmly with a strong grip. But using plastic in this budget phone like this is as obvious as judgment day. It is available in the market with various stylish colors to making an impression while matching your lifestyle.

The usual sides with fine look are marvelous. On button is at right side while volume keys are on left. Headset jack on the upper edge, charging port at downside and camera with speakers at back makes its look even classic and casual. Front LED flash camera is also a plus point for its look. Well opening the back cover you will see battery space, two SIM card slots, and SD card slot. It’s good as this means that this phone supports double SIM and SD card. It naturally asserts itself as a budget-friendly offering – one that luckily doesn’t feel too cheap in the hand.

Display and Design:

This phone is specifically designed so that you can explore your world of entertainment and gaming even further for the ultra experience. It has a display of 5.0’’ inches that will be exactly equal to 126.4 mm. It’s absolutely the right size to view what’s on screen for ultimate fun.

The resolution of the display is 540×960 in extreme high definition quality which clears each and every bit of all objects appearing on your screen. While streaming videos online or on YouTube the picture quality will be quite enthusiastic. The graphics of the phones are enormously improved. While comparing with the older version of Grand Prime it has the advanced color scheme of eye-catching colors. Color Depth of main display 16M is quite impressive. Its color reproduction favors a bluish undertone to varying degrees with the color magenta.

It looks like the updated and refreshed version of Grand Prime. With updated software and most impressive Grace-Wiz UI. Samsung is using media tech chipsets in this phone which really is a rocking feature. This combination has made this device fast in usage and handling apps. You are obviously not going to be having any problems of hanging or lacking even while playing games.

Hardware Performance:  

When we talk about grand prime plus hardware performances, we have to admit this that this phone has certainly run a long race competing with its budget limitations. Its CPU is a middle end which is compatible to satisfy the simple daily use but would lag behind if the intensity of the work increases. It booted up in almost in 25 seconds and remained responsive afterward. In a low tier device like this combination of quad-core and large screen sounds quite impressive. It scored 565 on GeekBench 4 (single-core) and GeekBench 4 (multi-core), which is greater than its predecessor but relatively low than other Samsung’s mid-range and premium smartphones.

The game performance on Grand Prime Plus is certainly not outstanding because any heavy game with 3D imaging that would make your head spins. The game graphics tend to go very even weirder, but still, this news sounds good that there are a lot of outfits optimize games for budget devices, so graphics are still engaging, if not the height of perfection.

Device maintenance feature in its setting is really awesome by which you can optimize your device speed, clear cached data and obviously clear unnecessarily used memory on phone. It shows really nice clearing pop up the page which relieves your tension as it optimizes phone by even showing percentages.

The hardware specs sum up through this list:

  •  Mediatek MT6737
  • 4GHz quad-core Cortex-A53
  • 8GB of storage
  • 1.5GB of RAM
  • 256GB of expandable storage microSD
  • GPU: Mali-T720MP2

Battery Life:

We have tested its battery in various ways but undoubtedly its 2600 mAh removable Li-ion battery will certainly work long lastingly. It will last for a full day or even more even on full usage. It’s not going to drain fast irrespective of the fact either you are using Wi-Fi or you have enabled Data on LTE, even while buffering videos on YouTube or any other online video site.

You can also use power saving tools to maximize the output. Unlike Samsung’s higher end devices, it charges a bit slow. It reaches from 0 to 100% in average 2.5-3 hours with the official charger that is provided in the box. While a combination of usage of Social networking apps, GPS, Wi-Fi and video calling certainly affected the battery timing.

Camera Features:   

If we take a look at the camera, it really is a cool one. The addition of led flash camera to rear back awesome camera is undoubtedly a step further.

  • 8-megapixel rear camera
  • 720p HD video (30fps)
  • 5-megapixel front-facing camera with LED flash

You can get instant access to the camera by simply double-tapping on the home button. When you grasp into camera setting, you will observe a few marvelous features to play with while using the front camera, such as Skin Tone, Slim Face, and Larger Eyes. These features are there to enhance the beauty, but apart from lightening up the brightness and color, there wasn’t much difference. Also, there are many other filters for the user to play with.

  • Grand Prime Plus’ Rear Back Camera

Keeping in mind the affordable price point, Galaxy Grand Prime Plus extraordinary 8-megapixel photo captures are about the best you can expect, and that’s exactly the thing which will fulfill your dreams. It was quite helpful using autofocus of the phone’s camera but few pictures were unexpectedly blurry. An interesting fact is that the pictures captured outside or in natural light were quite effective and charming as compared to those in low-light were not much impressive.

  • Grand Prime Plus’ Front Camera

The front camera is also fine for taking amazing selfies and has a LED flash which provides good lightening for the image even in the great indoors. Comparing the two cameras, the front facing camera takes the lead on the back camera as the selfie flash does provide a good picture.

Here are a few shots taken by scaling different modes, HDR and Pro settings of the camera of Samsung’s Grand Prime Plus.

Samsung Knox 2.7:

In this phone having most updated and developed the feature of a secure folder is really awesome. Samsung KNOX is a holistic enterprise platform that provides enhanced security and container solutions with cloud-based enterprise mobility management services as well as a marketplace, which provides it products and software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps.


With the secure folder, only you can access your private pictures, memos, and apps on your device. With greater security and improved usability, based on constant innovation in mobile technology to meet rapidly changing mobility needs, Samsung KNOX provides an evolving platform for today’s dynamic enterprise mobility requirements.

While the point of view of the brand’s owner is important, so let’s have a look on their comment on Grand Prime plus. The President of Samsung Pakistan – Mr. J.H. Lee said; “The enhanced features, high quality, and reliability of the Samsung Galaxy grand prime plus devices are a testimony to Samsung’s pursuit of continuous innovation. The unique features suit every lifestyle, as these products inspire the users to achieve a higher level of performance while enjoying the next level of fun and amusement. with affordable price.


This budget phone which is available in Pakistan in almost 16,000 rupees, we have to admit has enormously good features compensating with its price. The advent of so many features in a budget phone like this has certainly left competitors of Samsung open mouthed. Grace-Wiz UI, increased Ram, improvised front LED flash camera, power saving mode and Knox 2.7 certainly counts a plus point. In a nutshell excluding all those flaws earlier mentioned and concluding its efficiency of work in this budget, we will certainly recommend you to buy this phone right away.


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