Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen size is rumored to be 6.6 inches

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen size is rumored to be 6.6 inches
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10 screen size is rumored to be 6.6 inches

    Samsung is creating bigger screens with time and with the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 announced to be next year, S10 is rumored to increase its screen size to 6.44 inches as well which is little larger then the Note 9 and via a new report from ‘The Bell’ the new Samsung Note 10 is set to beat all its predecessors by launching a phone with a screen size of 6.66 inches.

    Samsung has reportedly ordered 6.66 inch panels for its upcoming phone the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 from Samsung Display and although these rumors might be from one or maybe two reliable sources it should be noted that this is just a speculation on the device it may not necessarily increase the size to this unit as anything can change with the course of due time. However things might start to come into place in the next few months but the Galaxy Note lineup increasing its screen size will be deemed quite logical. The Galaxy S10 is set to come with 3 rear cameras and the Note 10 will certainly also possess this feature and when you consider things like S Pen Slot and a bigger battery, one may think that you may require a bigger device to put everything in place without having to actually sacrifice any other features in the process which are surrounding the phone.

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    Furthermore the Galaxy S10 display is expected to have a slightly larger aspect ratio (19:9  instead of 18:5:9) but the Note 10 may not necessarily have to be that large to accommodate a 6.66 inch screen. Furthermore one can hope that the headphone jack won’t be getting the sack by Samsung just so that they can make the new phone much more compact and efficient. However a recent report did discuss the prospect of Samsung removing the 3.5mm headphone jack with the Note 10 or the S11 being the exceptions.

    Moreover, with the Galaxy S10 set to hit the markets in the coming few months, it’s a little to early to jump onto any conclusions or to you know believe any rumors surrounding the respected devices. A bigger screen however does seem relevant and possible so one may expect this in the new devices and as you know with Apple also pushing to make larger screens with their new models and honestly aren’t too far behind but its best to wait and see what treats Samsung has to offer this time around.


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